In the News: Pier Update

Pier 25 (two months ago)

••• “After five years of construction, Pier 25 and its surrounding area are slated to open to the public in October while the future of its neighbor, Pier 26, remains uncertain. The new Pier 25 will keep some its original attractions, including mini-golf and beach volleyball, with the addition of a playground, water taxi station and turf field for active and recreational play. […] As for Pier 26, funding seems to be the hold up. There isn’t enough money yet to open the planned estuarium, a hands-on ecology wet lab, despite a $5 million grant the H.R.P.T. received solely for the project. […] There is currently $6 million available, equally allocated from the city and state, to build a boathouse and café on Pier 26. However, there is no set date for completion because the H.R.P.T. is still assessing its finances for the project.” (Downtown Express)

••• Curbed on Trump Soho: “According to what’s reached public record, 11 units have closed. Who are these people buying expensive hotel rooms that can only be occupied part-time? Foreigners, mostly.”

••• Eater tracks the early word on Il Matto.

••• The New York Times looks at developments in spinning, including at SoulCycle (which is opening two more locations this year, one of which will be in Union Square).

••• Celebrities have been looking at the penthouse at 304 Spring. (Curbed)



  1. booooo to the water taxi station on pier 25..more jersey types

  2. Yahoooo to the water taxi station on Pier 25! It broke my heart watching those jersey-types swimming across the Hudson. That current can be unforgiven. Now, hopefully, they will be less tired when they arrive and can help us classy NYers man the extra registers at Whole Foods. Win-win!

  3. @Jim – I think you meant “unforgiving,” not “unforgiven.”

  4. What about the dog park and the skate park?