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••• “The New York Daily News has signed a lease for new space in lower Manhattan and will leave its 450 W. 33rd St. headquarters for 4 New York Plaza next year, the paper’s owner, Mort Zuckerman, announced Monday. The daily will be joined by the New York operations of its corporate sibling U.S. News & World Report Media Group, which has also been housed in the Hudson Yards building on the far west side. The two companies will rent 100,000 square feet on two floors in the 25-story tower located at the corner of Water and Broad streets. […] Owned by Harbor Group International, the downtown building will also soon be home to American Media Inc., according to reports. The company publishes The National Enquirer and Star magazine.” (Crain’s)

••• “A former horse stable once owned by American Express was recently renovated into a series of duplex luxury apartments. The Tribeca north property was an especially difficult renovation because of the building’s age.” (Wall Street Journal video; why do people talk to microphones like they’re four-year-olds?)

by Josh Williams (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• “Community Board 1 has long been concerned about the traffic problems at the approaches to the Holland Tunnel and the ticketing field day the NYPD apparently enjoys there. But when DNAinfo reported that a pair of nuns had been ticketed for blocking the box on Watts Street during rush hour gridlock, one board member’s concern gave way to outrage. ‘They even gave tickets to nuns!’ said Marc Ameruso […] during a CB1 subcommittee meeting last Wednesday on Tribeca traffic.” (DNAinfo) I certainly hope the cops ticketed the nuns! Should nuns be immune to the law? How badly do you have to misunderstand the concept of church-state separation to think that nuns shouldn’t get ticketed? Furthermore, why shouldn’t the cops be giving out tickets instead of directing traffic? When did we become unable to navigate intersections without their help? (Does anyone not know that if they enter the box without a clear path to the other side, they’re at risk of getting ticketed?) I’ve had a crappy day—the second time the dog barfed on the living room carpet really put me over the edge—and maybe tomorrow I won’t be quite so annoyed about this. But I doubt it. Every time I see traffic cops directing traffic, I think of them as enablers.

••• New York magazine’s Wendy Goodman checks out Smith & Mills and Just Scandinavian. (The Cut)


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  1. No, the nuns should not be ticketed. Just have them say 10 “Hail Marys” and they’re good to go. Unless they were Muslim nuns on their way to build a mosque then, obviously, they should be ticketed….oh my, is their tail light broken as well?