Breezy Listening

About the author: Freelance photographer Asha Agnish first picked up a camera in college, simply as a means to document her theatrical lighting designs. Over the years, photography became her primary means of artistic expression; she’s primarily concerned with documenting social and natural landscapes at home and abroad. She’s also a teaching assistant at the International Center of Photography.

Summer in New York always brings an overabundance of outdoor entertainment, with something for every niche audience: SummerStage, Jazzmobile, the Pool Parties, to name just a few. Here in Tribeca, we’re lucky to have several nearby concert series under the umbrella of the River to River Festival. Castle Clinton, South Street Seaport, Rockefeller Park, Wagner Park—each offers a different blend of music, food, water views, and people-watching. Pack a picnic and Frisbee at one, grab a beer and hot dog at another. Rub elbows with families, commuters, tourists, or hipsters. I hope these images from the Seaport and Rockefeller Park will inspire you to get out and enjoy a few performances!

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