Seen & Heard: Transit on Its Way

••• Sneaker and streetwear shop Transit is opening on Broadway between Canal and Walker in September. I guess the one in Noho closed? Because the phone number is out of service. Yelp had the wrong number; imagine that. They’re evidently keeping the other one open. Anyway, I bought some sneakers on serious sale there a few months back so I’m all for it.

••• The woman I spoke with at Bar Stuzzichini said that Stuzzicheria (Church and Walker) would be opening in “the next couple of weeks,” but the PR rep says “second/third week of August.” Either way, it’s pretty soon.

••• At 7 p.m. tonight, the empty space at 72 Franklin (where Thirty Days NY was in April), will be taken over by 1,200 people—that’s how many have RSVPed—attending the opening of Jerry Hsu’s pop-up art show, “The Torture Never Stops.” Last night, a guy hanging out outside said that it’s sponsored by Vice magazine, and he expects it to be “a ratfuck.” (I love that word.) “It’ll probably get shut down by the police,” he said. “That’s what usually happens.” The show will be up for a week.

••• Bouley Studio didn’t open today after all. I popped by this morning and it didn’t look all that close, but as I was reading the sign, a guy came out and said, “If the guy comes to [mumble], then we’ll be able to open as soon as tomorrow. But he’s a very busy guy.”

••• Community Board 1 launched a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

••• The Dash Gallery will offer yoga on Fridays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

••• Tribeca Cinemas seems to be undergoing a substantial facelift. Waiting to hear back on the details. If I don’t, I may have to make something up.


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