First Impression(s): Bouley Studio

If the balloons outside are any indication—I’m late to get out of town* so I couldn’t verify it—Bouley Studio is open. Because I can’t file a report, I need your help. If you stop by, please write a comment about the experience, the vibe, the whatever. (And if you email a pic to, I’ll post it.) Thanks!

UPDATE: Just heard from Nicole Bouley, who emailed “A soft opening of ‘studio’ – last sandwich to first crossiant? Not a full menu yet.”

*I’ll be out of town all next week, but I’ll be posting remotely because my dedication is boundless.

UPDATE 2: Maria came through with photos of the chefs making dinner (as well as a report). Here they are:

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  1. Went by for breakfast this morning… had their almond croissant. The croissant was a bit burnt at the edges, but was overall quite tasty. Very crisp shell (almost like phillo dough-like) and buttery interior with just the right amount amount of almond paste.

    Interior is small and rustic (almost like LPQ). Since it was a soft opening, the various baked goods were strewn about the shop. Most noticeable was the giant mixing machine on the right…. truly felt like I was in a bakery with only a tiny front to sell their goods. Refrigerator cases were not on, nor filled with any sandwiches. No sitting space inside, but chairs and tables were placed about on the outside sidewalk under a drawn awning (blends in with the other restaurants in the neighborhood).

    Prices are similar to high-end bakeries (think Bouchon prices). My almond croissant was $3.25 and a friend’s blueberry muffin was $2.50. Their cash register wasn’t up and running yet, so they tallied the tab by hand and didn’t charge any tax.

    Bottom line: VERY SOFT opening as the interior is not yet set-up properly. If food is your main reason to come, then you’ll probably be happy… just be prepared to wait long to pay (or even order your food!)

  2. Stopped by earlier (12:30 ish) to see if any sandwiches we available yet. Nope. Just lot’s of pastries, breads and soda/water/juice. Chef himself was sitting outside – but he was on the phone so I didn’t want to bother him. Some other folks ventured upstairs to eat their carbs. Ended up getting a croissant (lot’s of flaky layers plus doughie goodness in the middle $2.50) and fig bread ($5.60) for later.

    I was advised though that the chickens were roasting and would be ready later this afternoon! And that they would have “everything” by tomorrow – not sure what everything means though.

    Completely agree with Henry’s very soft opening observation. Very small space to place your order in front of pastry shelves, beverage case and heated racks. Not really a counter in place. Probably enough room for three to four customers to get inside.

    It looks like they’re doing a lot of their baking/cooking right in this space as well so hopefully they’ll move things around a bit so it’s a bit more like it was before it turned into the downstairs of Upstairs.

  3. I stopped by late in the afternoon to see the drink case filled with colorful fresh squeezed juices and my favorite employee Jacque, behind the register! Always gracious with a kind smile, he said I should come back and try the Japanese Menu on the second floor – just about to open for dinner- (this was also filled with people just leaving who were eating their ‘to go roast chicken’, (very much like the market across the street, you can buy things and eat them outside or inside and not have to pay for table service which saves a few bucks! FOR: YESSSS! THE BROWNIES ARE BACK!!!–

    They say they only take reservations but accept walk-ins, so I was able to get a front row seat near the Japanese Chefs that are now behind a big bright red stove, (open kitchen) rather than their Nakashima style bar which has been removed!- The menu was pre-fix and called “Kappo-Kaiseki”, which is a less formal but ceremonial style of cooking – prices were set at $45 and $75. The room was revamped, you could still smell the fresh paint and a sweetness of bees wax used to polish the walls – – the view towards the Woolworth Building is great fun, and the people dining were smiling. (Lots of individual diners as well that seemed to be focused on just taking in the tastes of each dish – eyes closed, senses open).

    A soft opening for sure, seems like they have all the equipment in place and I was happy to be a guinea pig!, sounds like the 2nd floor is open next Thursday and Friday, serving an entirely different Japanese menu – rotating with the summer season farmers pick. All I can say is -late -night -snack: BROWNIE! Nice to have them back open…

  4. I believe the “last sandwich” reference Nicole mentioned was an image Carl Glassman posted on the TriBeCa Trib site – (an homage to the Bouley Makert’s last sale) – Yes, The Bakery is back and running – My focus is on feeding people – City Harvest is a great help to NYC, and I hope anything extra that is not sold from all the TriBeCa Restaurants goes to some organization to help people~ but as long as one item is being focused on- it’s curious how the products at ‘Studio’ do feel less processed than, say Le Pain Quotidien – I don’t know what kind of butter they use but it seems like ‘Studio’ has a technique that leaves you feeling healthier~
    One less dark corner on West Broadway- celebrate re-growth.

  5. Yes, indeed Bouley Studio is open!
    On Thursday evening, I enjoyed the three course Kaiseki menu ($45) upstairs. A seven course Kappo-Kaiseki ($75) is also available. Chefs Mikami and Yamada are back, this time behind the Molteni stove. The food and service was wonderful. The space which has been renovated is bright and cheerful. I am sorry I am not able to post photos here :(
    The next morning, I stopped in for my morning scone, which wasn’t available yet, but had a blueberry danish instead, which was as flaky and tasty as always.
    They are still putting on the finishing touches and I would expect by Monday be in full swing. Great news for Tribeca residents!