In the News: DSW to Be DOA

••• DSW‘s lease isn’t being renewed, and the store will close September 3. (

••• The “nun” that’s been spotted panhandling has been unmasked by the New York Post: “Mindy LeGrand, the habit-wearing panhandler who said she’s an Episcopal holy woman collecting money for an orphanage, was in fact raising money to pay back taxes for her family’s ‘church,’ relatives told The Post yesterday. ‘She’s not a nun. She’s sister Mindy,’ the Rev. Naconda LeGrand said of the woman The Post saw collecting cash in Little Italy. LeGrand—a convicted rapist who runs what the family describes as a Brooklyn parish founded by their convicted rapist/serial-killer father—admitted there is no orphanage. ‘Somebody made that up,’ said Quomenters LeGrand, another son of the founder.” I think it’s time for crazy Andrea Peyser to profile that family.

••• Restaurant Week has been extended through Labor Day. (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “It’s been a bumpy ride for Pier A [left], the landmark Hudson River pier at the junction of Battery Park City and historic Battery Park, that has been vacant for more than 20 years awaiting rehabilitation. In October 2008, the Battery Park City Authority signed a long-term lease with New York City’s Economic Development Corporation to restore the pier and find a suitable tenant. Last Tuesday, the BPCA board of directors discussed the latest setback in the pier’s troubled history —the Authority’s decision in April to terminate its contract with the phbCatalyst Group, the construction manager of the project, and the decision of McGowan Builders, the general contractor, to bow out. ‘It became apparent to us that phbCatalyst had put together a work plan and a set of resources that were not going to be sufficient to address the needs of this project as it progressed and as the activity increased,’ Gwen Anderson, the BPCA’s vice president of strategic planning, explained to the Board.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• The New York Times review of the new album by Currensy—a Damon Dash protégé–quotes the following lyrics: “Tribeca at Bubby’s/I’m enjoying the lemon press/Not that Minute Maid/They squeeze these lemons theyself.” (The album is titled Pilot Talk but he really should’ve called it [sic].)

••• The New York Times looks at the recent loft law: “Although other elements of the law were modified over the years, those dates were never changed. So as wealthy people began discovering the light-flooded vertical palaces of Soho and Tribeca, pushing their prices into the stratosphere, the artists who began moving into old factories and warehouses in Brooklyn and Queens in the 1990s and later had no rights at all.”

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