Reflections on the City

I’m pretty sure this is an obsession particular to me, but it’s my blog who knows? Maybe you, too, are enchanted by the patterns created when light bounces off one building and onto another. They remind me how much magic is left to be discovered in this city, even if you’ve lived here a while.



  1. SPECTACULAR! As an aficionado of shadow play, I can truly appreciate these. Thanks for spotting and sharing!

  2. Check out the reflection that Millennium Tower creates on the new PS 276 building (get a choc. chip cookie at Inatteso while you’re down here)

  3. Crop circles were just the initial warnings!!! You foolish, humanoids….this isn’t just light reflecting off of the buidings; they are mapping our buildings, electrical grid and tapping into unprotected WiFi networks! They are coming for us!!! RUN!!! But don’t forget to get a choc. chip cookie first.

  4. Gorgeous shots! There is something magical about the way light reflects off of and on to buildings!