In the News: Plein Sud

••• The Wall Street Journal visits Adeline Adeline yet again: “visited the store to compare notes about a particular passion of mine—bike accessories—even though I’ve done my best to go cold turkey with my new bike, after accessorizing my old one to such an extent that the weight made it almost not worth trying to climb hills.”

••• Representative Anthony Weiner wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about why he went ballistic about the 9/11 workers’ health bill on the floor of the House.

••• Designer Doug Meyer fake-shops for outdoor rugs—talk about solving a problem it never occurred to me to have!—for the New York Times, stoping at Karkula and D’Apostrophe.

••• “There are fairies in Battery Park City (faeries, according to the publicity), with flapping wings and floral headdresses. There is also a young man, possibly answering to the name of Garbhglas, if only you could pronounce that properly, who—though bare-chested—wears a pixie hat, long pointed booties and a kilt, all in one of the more subdued shades of rustic green. And there are three mud-colored bestial creatures whom I will call goblins, who have udders all over their bodies, even their high-pointed heads.” It’s a New York Times review of “The Voyage of Garbhglas,” a dance performance at the Irish Hunger Memorial that was part of the River to River Festival.

••• The employees at Bouley get to eat free—with guests—in the dining room. (Grub Street)

••• Curbed described a Tribeca loft on Thomas and asked people to guess the price. The answer will be revealed sometime today.

••• “Plein Sud Plain Sucks” is the headline for a review in the Village Voice. Hmm. I have some issues with the restaurant: For one, it’s a tough intersection, and rather than push the city away (and try to crete a pocket of Provence), I wish they’d let it in the way Pulino’s does at Houston and Bowery. But to say the food “plain sucks”? That’s a bit much. (I mean, the food at Kenmare plain sucks, if we’re going to throw mud.) Then again, the other night I had two dishes the reviewer liked—the tarte flambé and the mussels, and I agreed about the fries. (Is starch what makes them that way? Who knew?) Anyone out there think it’s as much a disaster as Robert Sietsema does?

••• “Smith & Mills is hosting an oyster shucking lesson followed by an oyster brunch on Saturday at 11:15 AM. The $18 lesson and brunch combo includes oysters on the half shell, the Broad St. Benedict – poached egg, Blue Point oyster fritter, roasted potatoes and spicy sauce choron, grapefruit brulee, and a champagne cocktail. Regular menus will also be offered.” (Eater)



  1. regarding Plein Sud, I’ve made a point not to go there, since the Smyth Hotel has stiffed me on a tab they ran up in April/May, but from what I’ve heard on the street, I’m not missing anything. (though I’m guessing “plain sucks” is an overstatement.)

  2. I’ve been three times. Had an OK lunch and then a nice brunch. Then had about the worst restaurant experience I’ve had in the neighborhood. The service was glacial, both in terms of pace and personality. The food was overpriced and underwhelming. There are some great, simple ideas on that menu, but they struggle to be noticed underneath the often awkward presentation and unnecessary add-on ingredients. They may have changed this, but they also had these plate/bowls that ensure whichever utensil you rest on the edge immediately slips into whatever you’re eating. Frustrating.

  3. I find the breakfasts overpriced (the $14 patisserie basket which contained 3 tiny patisseries) and not special enough to warrent it. I’ve also eaten there for dinner and found the service choppy, either trying to hard/giving tmi or chatting amongst themselves in the corner. Don’t feel compelled to return.

    However we went to Cinque, on Greenwich, for maybe the 6th time, always love it there!

  4. I go there with regularity, both because I live in the neighborhood, and also because every time I go, the hostess/bartenders/servers all make a point to say hello, call me by my name, and make sure I’m content in their restaurant. The food is always good. I’m not sure what the problems are with the fries. You don’t like fried potatoes with parmesan on them? That’s weird. Also, the deserts are some of the most amazing I’ve had in the city.

    In regards to the waitstaff talking amongst themselves, I have always had amazing service by friendly people who know what they’re selling. Of course they spend time talking amongst themselves. Every restaurant I have ever dined in has had waiters talking to each other. If you want them to not do that, go to a “fine dining” restaurant. But if you do that, you can’t complain about anything being overpriced.