Seen & Heard: Susan Sarandon

••• Filming this week on West Broadway around Duane and Reade: The Miraculous Year, the latest project from Kathryn (The Hurt Locker) Bigelow. An HBO pilot starring Hope Davis, Susan Sarandon, Frank Langella, and Patti LuPone, it’s about “a wildly self-destructive and manipulative Broadway composer (played by Broadway vet Norbert Leo Butz) who’s juggling both a challenging new show and his dysfunctional New York family,” according to

••• Foursquare just got a bit more appealing: Check into Whole Foods Tribeca five times and you get a small scoop of gelato in the upstairs café.

••• Today’s deal on InBundles: $9 for $18 worth of food and drink at Zaitzeff.

••• Khushi‘s shower gel is on sale ($10.50 instead of $16).

••• Kula Yoga Project is having a sale at its boutique, says blogger/yoga instructor Jenn Pesce.

••• Thursday at 6 p.m., a new exhibit, “Zoom Uganda,” opens at Mercy Corps Action Center: “See what these girls experience as significant, as sacred: chores before and after the two-hour walk to school and back each day, a favorite goat, elderly relatives standing in for dearly departed parents, those parents’ many graves. A bed. A dress. A friend. As a complement to their photographs, the girls kept journals about what they hope their photos convey. Inevitably, these journals became the repository of the girls’ larger hopes and dreams. In the 24 hours of their creative assignment, the girls not only learned to use the cameras themselves, but they also taught their friends, their siblings, and their extended families the photography fundamentals they had just learned.”

••• Judging from the sign in the window, Theater Bar on Franklin is done hiring. (Normally that “casting”  thing bugs me, but when your establishment is called Theater Bar, you’re kind of allowed….)


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