Progress Report: Restaurants in the Works

If I have a hard time keeping track of all the restaurants currently in development, then it must be near impossible for anyone less obsessive. So here’s a recap (the text for each restaurant is below the photo). P.S. If you know of anything about any of these—or any others!—email me at tribecacitizen [at] gmail [dot] com.

Location: 281 Church (at White).
What was there before: Arqua.
What we know about it: From the restaurant’s website (link above): “Il Matto, which translates as ‘the mad man’ in Italian,’ is the brainchild of chef Matteo Boglione and Gian Perugini. […] Chef Boglione departs from his usual cuisine at Gradisca to offer sophisticated Italian fare with an eccentric twist. Joining him is internationally renowned mixologist Christina Bini, who has come straight from Italy to mastermind the cocktail program, and sommelier Antonello d’Ambrosio.” Grub Street got an early look, with this accompanying text: “Boglione has carried over a few dishes from Gradisca (pecorino crème brûlée, artichoke croquettes) and added plenty more to create the menu you see below [see link].” And the New York Times delved into how those cocktails might look and taste. P.S. The restaurant’s logo is excellent.
Opening date: Last week, the outgoing message on the restaurant’s voicemail said Il Matto would be opening this Thursday, June 10, but that message is now gone; OpenTable reservations are being accepted for June 15 and beyond. UPDATE 6/7: The PR rep just said that she thought Thursday was very unlikely, as was June 15 for online reservations. Stay tuned….

Location: 114 Franklin (bet. West Broadway and Church).
What was there before: Grace.
What we know about it: From my unofficial minutes for December’s CB1 Tribeca committee meeting: “Albert Trummer—an ‘internationally acclaimed cocktail artist,’ as described on the website for his Chinatown bar, Apotheke—wants to transform 114 Franklin into a swanky cocktail lounge showcasing a ‘gourmet cocktail food concept,’ as he explained at the meeting. […] Trummer says he wants to have unamplified live music—jazz trios playing 30s and 40s jazz […]. He’ll be totally renovating the room, with booths and two-tops in the front, and two short, parallel bars—with barstools for eight patrons total—toward the rear.” And in March, The New York Times learned that the lounge would have “a stage behind the bar for cocktail-making and music. ‘It will be inspired by Vienna and the nightlife of the 1930s and ’40s,’ [Trummer] said.”
Opening date: As of March, the opening was set for late spring, but now the website says, “Coming Fall 2010″—given Apotheke’s speakeasy vibe, I certainly wouldn’t put it past Trummer to open it, with no fanfare, way before then. The Cabaret-ish lights inside are often turned on.

Location: 25 Murray (bet. Broadway and Church).
What was there before: Nothing?
What we know about it: Judging from the photos on its Facebook page (link above), the bakery—a sister of Takahachi restaurant on Duane—will be making the kind of French-Japanese pastries popular in Japan.
Opening date: Delayed by a month now because of a Department of Buildings issue; no new date has been announced. UPDATE: The bakery is unofficially opening Friday, June 11.

Location: On Varick at N. Moore, next to Walker’s current location.
What was there before: A grocery.
What we know about it: From my roundup of the CB1 Tribeca committee meeting where the liquor license application was discusssed: “The restaurant is taking over what used to be a grocer’s, adding 34 seats—including a six-seat bar—and a brick oven for pizzas. It’ll all be called Walker’s. And there will be a total of five bathrooms.”
Opening date: By summer’s end, a Walker’s bartender said last week.

Location: 313 Church (bet. Lispenard and Walker).
What was there before: Dennis Foy.
What we know about it: The last we’ve heard anything was last September, when the liquor-license application went before the CB1 Tribeca committee. “According to the sample menu, the cuisine leans more toward comfort food than cutting-edge,” reported the Tribeca Trib. “Grilled or fried skewers take the place of the voluminous sushi menus typical of [Masaharu] Morimoto’s other establishments. Western staples like fish and chips, homemade bagels, and fried bananas are mingled with East Asian standards like hayashi rice, bibimbop, and steamed dumplings.”
Opening date: A recent phone call has yet to be returned.

Location: 339 Greenwich (bet. Harrison and Jay).
What was there before: Bazzini.
What we know about it: In February, Sarabeth’s co-founder (and Sarabeth’s husband) Bill Levine said, “We’re going to have a nice retail section—baked goods and all the products that Sarabeth’s makes, in a separate area—and we’ll be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” And he said there would be outdoor seating, on Greenwich, but I don’t recall a sidewalk café permit going before CB1 yet.
Opening date: He also said they were “shooting for” an August opening. I just called to find out if that was still the case, and he said, “That’s not happening,” citing technicalities. “It’s looking more like December.”

Location: 305 Church (at Walker).
What was there before: Province, which specialized in Chinese sandwiches.
What we know about it: Last August, New York magazine’s fall preview said that Paul di Bari, executive chef at the Flatiron’s Bar Stuzzichini, would be opening Stuzzicheria with “30 seldom-seen Italian tapas” on the menu. By December, I surmised that Stuzzicheria was stuck. Upon seeing signs of life last month, I called Bar Stuzzichini, and was told the restaurant is indeed back on.
Opening date: When I asked when it might open and got hemming and hawing, and I suggested a year from now—and was told, “Oh, not that long.”

Location: 30 Hudson (bet. Duane and Reade).
What was there before: Two David Bouley restaurants: Secession, and before that, Danube.
What we know about it: Bouley had planned on opening a Japanese restaurant called Brushstroke in the space at 109 West Broadway (see below), then withdrew from the lease. When he closed Bouley Bakery in April, the New York Times reported that he would “open a Japanese restaurant this fall called Boji in the former Danube and Secession space with Yoshiki Tsuji, who runs cooking schools in Japan and France.”
Opening date: Work appears to have stalled, and the sign announcing Brushstroke has been replaced with one touting Bouley proper’s prix-fixe spring lunch. Last week, I emailed Bouley general manager Maguy Stein to ask if they had an opening date, and she said no.

Location: 40 Harrison, at Greenwich (in Independence Plaza).
What was there before: Nothing?
What we know about it: The June agenda for CB1’s Tribeca committee included a liquor-license application for something called Josephine at 40 Harrison, which left me scratching my head. Soon after, I was peeking in and then taking the above photo walking by when Casey Barrett of Imagine Swimming—which is building a pool upstairs—struck up a conversation. He told me—if I recall correctly—that he had heard the northern part will be a French bakery, and the southern part will be a restaurant.
Opening date: We’ll find out more at Wednesday’s CB1 Tribeca meeting. UPDATE: The liquor-license application was dropped from the agenda, presumably pushed back to next month.

Location: 365 Greenwich (bet. Franklin and Harrison).
What was there before: Fitz’s Pig-N-Whistle.
What we know about it: From my unofficial minutes of last month’s CB1 Tribeca committee meeting: “Nicholas McKeon, who worked at Fitz’s Pig-N-Whistle when he was a kid, wants to open something akin to Walker’s there, ‘cleaning it up and making it nicer.’ Part of the space would still be a bar, with maybe four TVs, and the restaurant menu would be American-bar-and-grill, with ‘reasonable’ prices. (No name yet.)”
Opening date: Not soon enough to worry about it.

UNNAMED (75 Worth)
Location: 75 Worth (bet. Broadway and Church).
What was there before: Nothing recently?
What we know about it: From my unofficial minutes of April’s CB1 Tribeca committee meeting: “The owners of RBC NYC intend to open a bar next door at 75 Worth, between Church and Broadway, across from the AT&T Long Lines Building. The space is tiny—just 575 square feet, with 20 seats—and the menu will be tapas, as well as a 10-course tasting menu. The door is reservation-only.”
Opening date: Not soon enough to worry about it.

Location: 50 Hudson (at Thomas).
What was there before: Paul Kohn Design.
What we know about it: From my unofficial minutes of April’s CB1 Tribeca committee meeting: “The owner of the building, whose first name is Eric—people don’t really get much of an introduction at these meetings—plans on opening a chocolate-based business there. (‘The concept is coffee, cacao, and cocktails,’ he said, explaining that it would be a café, bar, bakery, restaurant, and shop). The cooking/baking would only use electric power; the occupancy is below 74; and the drinks would incorporate the best chocolate liqueur he’s ever tasted (‘and I don’t drink’). The chocolate—a new type, protected by 30 patents—will be made elsewhere.”
Opening date: Not soon enough to worry about it.

Location: 109 W. Broadway (at Reade)
What was there before: Delphi restuarant.
What we know about it: From my unofficial minutes of April’s CB1 Tribeca committee meeting: “Matt Abramcyck, an owner of Warren 77 and Smith & Mills, plans to open a restaurant in the old Delphi space, on the northeast corner of West Broadway and Reade (where David Bouley backed out of putting a Japanese restaurant). The restaurant will have 27 tables on the ground floor and a few in the basement; the ground-floor bar seats just five. The menu/atmosphere will be South American, if I understood correctly, with all organic ingredients; the restaurant will have no TVs (right on!) and the entrance will be on West Broadway. Abramcyck’s wife will use the second floor for a salon business. One [committee] member took a moment to say that he missed Delphi because of its affordable prices, and asked if the restaurant would be like Delphi in that regard, and Abramcyck said yes, sure (personally, I wouldn’t hold my breath).”
Opening date: Not soon enough to worry about it.

Location: 159 Duane (between W. Broadway and Hudson)
What was there before: Blue Bench children’s furniture store.
What we know about it: From my unofficial minutes of last month’s CB1 Tribeca committee meeting: “Al and Vanessa Merrin, Tribeca residents since 1987 (they currently live on Reade) want to turn what was most recently the Blue Bench store into a restaurant that’s somewhere between Edward’s and Bouley’s Upstairs, with ‘artisanal, local, gourmet comfort food.’ Their goal is for the place to be a ‘hub for Tribeca,’ the way Bouley Bakery was. (They also referenced Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg as inspiration.) The yet-to-be-named restaurant would serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, starting at 7:30 a.m. They agreed to closing hours of 1 a.m. on weeknights and 2 a.m. on weekends—they want to serve people in the restaurant industry when they’re done with their shifts—and the application was approved, 6-1. (After the hearing, I went into the hallway to introduce myself to Al, who is the recently retired vice chairman and executive creative director of BBDO New York. I ran back in to listen to the next item on the agenda, and Julie Shapiro of DNAinfo learned that the Merrins haven’t signed a lease yet.)”
Opening date: If the “for lease” sign in the window is any indication, this may not be any closer to happening. UPDATE: Another restaurateur seems to have swooped in, and the plan is now for a cocktail and raw bar, Weather Up Tribeca—a sister to an establishment in Prospect Heights. See this article for details.

Also: Danny Meyer is reputed to be opening a Shake Shack—and perhaps another restaurant—in the Embassy Suites building in Battery Park City, and according to the Broadsheet Daily, the Adrienne’s Pizza Bar folks are in negotiations as well.



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  7. @Elenor: From what I remember of that CB1 Tribeca hearing, Theater Bar plans on nothing crazier than a jazz trio (and no amplification is allowed)

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