A Very Cool Joyride

If you hurry—it rolls off at 5:30 p.m.—you can make it to Joyride‘s inaugural day in Tribeca. The frozen-yogurt truck—currently on Warren between W. Broadway and Greenwich—has only been in existence for three weeks; whether it’ll be back in Tribeca is anyone’s guess. “We’re hoping to be in Tribeca on Wednesdays,” said Lauren, who served me a cup of frozen yogurt with crushed Oreos (and who, during the non-summer months, is also a teacher at P.S. 234!). I hadn’t had frozen yogurt in years, and this was a far cry from the bland slop I remember: It actually had the tasty tang of yogurt, so much so that I briefly considered ditching the Oreos! That’s because Joyride’s frozen yogurt is actually made with Greek yogurt. Also, the truck offers Stumptown coffee—as well as a caffeinated yogurt which I have reservations about, and no, I’m not trying it before I judge it.) Follow Joyride on Twitter to see if it comes back to the ‘hood—or of course I’ll let you know.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! We had a great time in your hood. As for the buzzed, you should just sample it. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised ;-)

    Thanks again,