Seen & Heard: Pomme Closed

••• Pomme, the children’s boutique based in DUMBO, has closed its tiny Duane Street outpost.

••• My new favorite thing: the ginger lemonade from Tribcea Treats, though I liked it even more when I took it home and cut it with seltzer.

••• Gap Kids is shooting a commercial tomorrow on Greenwich around Hubert; on Monday, Volkswagen is shooting one on W. Broadway around Franklin.

••• RHX, the crappy store on Chambers, has turned up the volume—who knew it was even possible?!—on its end-of-days signage. This is a trick of theirs (they used to be in my building, a time we do not back on fondly), but who knows, maybe this time it’s for real.


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  1. I just noticed—a day later—that the small signs right above the door say, “Last Day.”