Suggestion Box: Equinox

Let’s get constructive again! Last time, we offered advice to Whole Foods on how it could improve the customer experience. (The manager’s response is here.) I thought we might try Equinox next. Today, I was once again amazed at how the cleaning staff can be so relentless and yet, more than half the time I go, there’s detritus—bobbie pins, water-bottle caps, gum—in the treadmill caddies. Obviously, it would be great if the patrons would clean up after themselves, but since the odds of that are slim, I’d suggest that Equinox trains its staff to check the caddies. Do you have anything to add? Please be nice; our goal is to get them to listen.



  1. Recently worked out at a hotel gym that had individual TV screens on the treadmills and elliptical machines . i found this experience to be much more enjoyable.

  2. Their television audio components on their treadmills have been broken at least since January 2010. Every week I complain and they say they’ll tell the manager. nothing has been done. It’s rare to get on a treadmill where you plug in your headphones and hear sound or the proper corresponding tv or all the tvs. For what they charge monthly, it should’ve been fixed eons ago.

  3. I would LOVE a 5:30 AM Yoga class during the week!

  4. This Equinox is always clean and is such a pleasant palce to go. I cant say I have ever seen the gym dirty, they have an army of cleaning staff from open to close and boy they are always cleaning. I have complained about the audio issue not just at the Murray location but at several of the locations. Equinox needs to get a better system as a whole. the individual screens sounds like a good idea. Overall the Tribeca equinox is my favorite, always high energy, clean, and welcoming.

    P.s. And I never have to wait to use a piece of equipment or shower.

  5. Please put in a jacuzzi like the one on at the wall street gym.

  6. Thank you for the feedback. The club General Manager has communicated the treadmill caddie issue to the Maintenance Manger and this will be a high priority on our walk thrus and daily tasks. As far as the cardio theater is concerned, we are continually resetting them every morning. The Tribeca location will be renovated in the coming months and we are looking for a better solution to fix the cardio theater.

    We also have a new online system for members to give feedback:

  7. Thank you, Equinox, for responding! It reminded me that I meant to say that the way this worked last time is that we ultimately sent all of our comments to the manager, which I still think is a good plan—especially now that we know the Tribeca location is getting renovated! In fact, I have another suggestion: The conditioner bottle says it’s also a “grooming aid,” yet it’s only in the showers. I’d rather use it on my hair than the blue gel, but I have to walk back into the shower after I’m dressed. Perhaps a bottle could be placed in the main locker area?

  8. I agree that the tv sound issue is a problem. Other than that, I love the gym. I think it looks great , who needs renovations? We are there to sweat, get fit and kick butt. It doesn’t bother me if the molding is outdated or the lockers are not the latest.

  9. I always thought it was kind of strange that equinox would not invest in personal tv’s on all the cardio but i guess that enable them to have a bunch of cleaning staff running around and picking up dirty towels etc…I decided to invest my own time and money and put together a gym around the corner from them on chambers street and my members love the fact that they can watch what the want and don’t have to be bothered with broken equipment as we have more than enough to satisfy everyone.We don’t offer too many classes here but the ones we do have seem to get the results that people are looking for. Competition is a good thing so why not stroll on over to Tribeca Health & Fitness and see what all the former trainers from equinox found out……….We do have the best equipment in the area without all the corporate nonsense. 107 chambers street just 2 blocks north from equinox on murray…….ZUMBA FITNESS saturdays at 930am …non -members welcome

  10. I’ve always been surprised that a place which is so child-friendly in so many ways has doors that are difficult to open and, more particularly, no ramp to get in the door. Every day I see parents struggling to lift the stroller up the stairs to get inside.

  11. Fix the cardio theater components!! There is no excuse for its condition. Other than that, I think Equinox is doing a great job.

  12. The cleaning staff are loud, rowdy, and un-professional, particuarlly in the men’s locker rooms. They yell and horse-play is distracting. Members of this club expect the staff to behave with the decorum befitting a hotel or spa. We don’t pay Equinox fees to have the staff act like they work at the YMCA. Also, locker/ laundry service is terrible. On several occassional, they forgot to wash and/ or replace my gym clothes into my locker, even though it had been greater than 24 hourse since my last visit.

  13. Forgot to mention….why are so many of the TVs at Equinox tuned into Fox News? I don’t need to be force-fed partisan demagoguery while at the gym. If you’re going to tune into news, keep in non-partisan: CNN, CNBS, Bloomberg, or whatever.

  14. This Location is great. We do not live in a perfect world and this is as good as it gets. Its clean, friendly and never have to wait for equipment. Things are rarely broke or out of order. The new Manager is very friendly and open to feedback. Use to be All Access changed membership just to go to tribeca because of the atmosphire and clenliness.

  15. Equinox,

    I do love the gym’s convenience’s, staff, and cleanliness but the biggest problem I have and I have spoken to MANY other members about this as well as the manager, is the same one the others have voiced. The treadmill AV’s are a huge problem. As an avid runner, I realize I have to spend an extra 10 minutes to 1) try to find the right TV show (hard when some TVs are limited in their channels) 2) once you find the right TV show, now you have to cross your fingers that the AV works and not to mention that the treadmill works. To match up the right treadmill/TV show/working AV is a challenging feat. I have been so frustrated at times as I move from treadmill to treadmill and when I see another runner doing the same thing, we both give each other a defeated glance and realize after much complaining that seems to fall on deaf ears, it’s one of the tradeoffs you make to belong to Equinox. I had an opportunity to speak to one of the heads at Crunch who are looking to build in Tribeca and told them all they have to do is have personal TVS on their treadmills and they will immediately have a leg up on the competition.

  16. It might be nice for EQX to organize an outdoor running club or at least have info about how to join one. I know that many members are training for half marathons, etc. The website refers to “outdoor training” but I have never seen any offered at Tribeca.