Where in Tribeca…?

Here’s a patriotic one, in honor of the holiday. I have no idea if this flag-shaped America has been there for years—it certainly seems like a post-9/11 artifact—because I only noticed it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The first person to guess correctly in the comments section wins a Go Bag, courtesy Ready New York City. For more info on what exactly a Go Bag is, see below the photo…. (Also, if you already have one, Smithers, please don’t guess. Thanks.)

I’m too lazy today to write about this in my own words, so here’s an excerpt from the PR guy working on behalf of the Ad Council and New York City Office of Emergency Management: “Do you have a plan if a natural or man-made disaster were to occur? What about an ‘everyday’ contingency plan—if an apartment fire, neighborhood power outage. or a water main break happened? Would your friends and family be prepared and know where to meet up? The Ready New York City campaign is designed to educate and empower New Yorkers to prepare for and respond to emergencies, large or small. Ready NYC is a site that provides tips and asks individuals to do three key things: 1) get an emergency supply kit, 2) make an emergency plan, and 3) be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and the appropriate response. You can also find additional information on OEM’s Facebook page, and even take the first step in making a plan by selecting and sharing your own meeting place using the Get Ready NYC: My Meeting Place Facebook application.”

The Go Bag being given away includes an AM/FM pocket radio, work gloves, flashlight, first-aid kit, emergency poncho, emergency blanket, and a light stick.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Robert Ripps, who correctly identified the location as above Bubby’s, on N. Moore. Now you know who to stalk if there’s an apocalyptic event and you never got around to preparing your own Go Bag.

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  1. I believe it is above Bubby’s, North Moore near Hudson.

  2. Staple street!