Spaghetti Western: Roll Credits?

The most interesting item on the agenda of last night’s meeting of the CB1 Tribeca committee was the one that ended up getting removed before the meeting: a liquor-license application for 59 Reade, currently the site of Spaghetti Western, by “Stepen M. Salis* or a corporation to be formed.” I walked by last night at 5:15 p.m. and it was gated shut; same thing today at 4:55 p.m. I’ve tried to call several times and the phone is always busy…. Is it it reasonable to deduce that Spaghetti Western—a 23-year-veteran of Tribeca—has closed?

UPDATE: A reader reported: “Walked by last night and it was lit up inside–clearly gutted.” I wonder what happened to the old sign the restaurant used to have—it was a Coca-Cola sign with “Spaghetti Western” on it, the kind you’d see on a road trip in the American West….

* This guy?


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  1. First Pan Latin, now this.

    There are some new businesses moving into Reade Street, but I hope they finish up some of the construction so the buildings and facades can be seen.