Foto Friday

I don't claim to be an expert on such matters, but I'm pretty sure the only reason you'd attach a mirror to the bottom of your cane is so that you can look up skirts.

If a sandwich-shop's sign is going to go on the fritz, this is a pretty fortuitous way to do it.

By my count, RHX has now been going out of business for five weeks. At least it had the decency to take down the signs saying "We really are closing" (if not the ones saying "Last day").

Hope he had a good reason why the ring was off his finger in the first place.



  1. RHX has been going out of business for five weeks???? Where have you been? It has been going out of business for decades. Lowering the tone at different locations, true. The one improvement in this century seems to be the missing microphone and loudspeaker.

  2. Fair enough! I should’ve said “this location of RHX has been closing for five weeks…” No doubt once it does close—if it closes!—it’ll move somewhere else and immediately start going out of business there.