Last Chance to Win Dinner and Dance

From October 15 to 17, Iñaki Urlezaga’s dance company, Ballet Concierto, will perform a program of tango and classical dance at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

What’s more, TPAC and Tribeca Citizen are partnering for a contest exclusivo. We’ve been asking one tango-related question a week for four weeks, and after this one, we’ll draw two names from the pool of everyone who guessed correctly. The grand prize is dinner for two at Industria Argentina—up to $150 on food and a bottle of wine of the restaurant’s choosing!—along with two tickets to the Ballet Concierto show; the runner up wins two tickets to the show.

Post your answer in the comments. If you answered a previous question, you can still answer this one.

In the 1989 film Tango & Cash, who played Ray Tango?
a) Sylvester Stallone
b) Tom Hanks
c) Kurt Russell
d) Mel Gibson

The answer for the previous question: A “milonga” is a club where tango is danced.


Industria Argentina




  1. a> Sly Stallone

  2. stallone. and underrated that teri hatcher was in it!

  3. a) Sylvester Stallone

  4. Stallone