My Meeting with the Mayor

While having coffee with Tania Anthony of Resale Riches at Wichcraft, I complained that I never see anyone famous—even though I spend a lot of time walking these streets (not like that!). Well, we were making our way down Greenwich when I saw photos being taken outside the Greenwich Hotel. “There must be someone famous there,” I said. As you can tell, it was Mayor Bloomberg. I hesitated about whether I should take a photo, but Tania insisted. As I pulled out my camera, Mayor Bloomberg called me over: “Take one with me!” We chatted about Bermuda and our golf games—not. Instead, he asked where I was from (ouch!), because he naturally assumed I wasn’t a local, given that I was obviously excited he was there. As I walked away, I kicked myself for not telling him how proud I’ve been of his stand on Park51.


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  1. How about that Rally to Restore Sanity? Crazy shit, right?