Seen & Heard: Deli Closed

••• Hudson Square Café (that big deli at the southwest corner of Hudson and Canal) has closed. Actually, it may have closed weeks ago: I can’t say the place was on my radar.

••• Korin is having a sample sale. If you like to cook and you’ve never bought a knife there, do yourself a favor and check it out.

••• I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much this Tribeca Space ad creeps me out. Since when is a man forcing himself on a woman acceptable marketing?

••• But it may have competition for most offensive ad in the neighborhood. I noticed this Skyy abomination today at West Broadway and Warren. Not a whole lot of subtlety, eh?



  1. That’s just plain OFFENSIVE! And it definitely guarantees that I won’t buy that brand of vodka under any circumstances.

  2. Yeah, Carol, I with you!! I am so offended too!! Who wears red latex tights & red patent pumps with SKYY VODKA? Everyone knows that only works with GREY GOOSE!!! I fear that SKYY VODKA will suffer dearly from the wrath of one, Carol Tanenbaum.

  3. that tribeca space ad is disconcerting.