In the News: WFC Redesign

••• Neighbors aren’t happy about that Canal Street salt shed: “It was pointed out that this Salt Shed would cost more than all of the nine other Salt Sheds combined (much more than $10MM) now under construction at Varick Street (Brooklyn), Creedmore (Queens), Forbell Street (Brooklyn), West 146th Street (Manhattan), East 125th Street (Manhattan), Tompkins Avenue (Brooklyn), Van Cortlandt Park (Bronx) and West 55th Street (Manhattan).” (Curbed)

••• The Broadsheet Daily looks at the World Financial Center renovation plans (one rendering at right). Gotta say it: I like it, but the stairs always struck me as better in theory than in practice.

••• The Village Voice has a Q&A with Richard Boccato, who’s involved with Weather Up. It includes this exchange: “Q: Will Weather Up Tribeca be very similar to Weather Up Brooklyn? A: Aesthetically it will be similar, sure, with the vaulted tile ceilings. But it’s going to be an amalgamated marriage, if you will, between Dutch Kills and Weather Up and the guys at No. 7. We’re going to have amazing ice, like I said, in-house block ice harvesting and production. We’re going to have oysters. We’re going to have caviar. And we’re going to have great coke cocktails.”

••• This is a Kardashian; she’s living at the Smyth for a few months, so if you see paparazzi around there, that’s why. (Zimbio)

••• “A group of dog owners in Lower Manhattan say it is time for the city’s Parks Department to relax its rules and allow their pets to run free in Battery Park.” (Tribeca Trib)



  1. If you use the Winter Garden on a regular basis you know how integral the stairs are to using that space. The stairs provide a great spot to rest if the benches and tables are filled, if you just want a better vantage, or prefer the ease of congregating a larger group. We have seen many concerts in the Winter Garden that required the use of the stairs for seating and there is no better place to rest your weary self after participating in the annual Halloween Party than those stairs. The new designs look “cool” but lack the convenience, warmth and community of the stairs.

  2. Not all people are dog people.
    Allowing dogs to run off leashes is not comfortable for some people and children who aren’t as experienced or interested.
    What an owner percieves as cute or fine when a dog excitedly runs up to a stranger…has little to do with the experience of the adults or children who aren’t used to it and dogs aren’t people, they get excited, bark, jump, can be intense in certain situations that is not up to the dog owner to intuit or control.
    Get a big yard and enjoy if the idea is to please the pup.
    If you wander, stroll and share public places, get a leash.
    Thoughtfulness never goes out of style, maybe it’s time we get back to that trend, even in Tribeca where when it comes to dogs and children parents of both often rationalize.

  3. “A group of dog owners in Lower Manhattan say it is time for the city’s Parks Department to relax its rules and allow their pets to run free in Battery Park.”

    Some dog owner’s seem to lose sight of the fact that dogs are animals, and at times their behavior can be unpredictable. Just ask the guy who walks around Tribeca with the giant husky…. I overheard him telling someone how he was recently sued because his dog was off the leash and bit someone. There’s a reason for leash laws, and letting dogs run free in an area with lots of foot traffic and children is just asking for a liability.