Your New Neighbor: Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Where are you from originally? Baltimore.

Where did you most recently live? L.A.

Where else have you lived? San José, Costa Rica; Amsterdam.

Why Tribeca? We used to stay in a wonderful apartment on Franklin when we visited the city. I found Tribeca so peaceful, there was a sense of space and place that I didn’t feel in other parts of the city. Now that I live here I love the street life, especially in the morning when I head to the subway to go uptown to work. All the baby strollers and kids pouring into the Washington Market School: It feels hopeful and young and at the same time old and established. It’s urban renewal in its best and highest sense.

What do you do? I’m an addiction psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of adolescents and families. I’m also an expert on “The Dr. Oz Show” and a clinical consultant at Caron Treatment Center.

Are you in a relationship? I am, and in love. But I’ll leave it at that. I’m a shrink and trained not to self-disclose.

Do you have kids? Not technically, but I do a lot of “re-parenting” in my work.

Pets? Only in my fantasy life.

How many apartments did you look at? It feels like hundreds. At least 75 over a three year period. At the time I was trying to practice impulse control—I think I succeeded.

Who was your broker? Carter Wilcox. She’s an incredibly patient broker at Corcoran.

What do you do for kicks? I like to sleep and analyze my dreams. Much more interesting then watching reality television.

When did you move in? About two years ago, but we were commuting back and forth from L.A. for a while. We’ve lived here in earnest about a year. My partner still grumbles that I haven’t completely settled in because I’ve yet to hang up the pictures in my home office. I’m working in my own therapy to sort it out. Did I just self-disclose?

What was the last great book you read? Existential Psychotherapy by Irvin Yalom. He sets forth in a very clear way how we can derive meaning from the inevitabilities of our lives. I won’t say more because it’ll get depressing.

The last great movie? A Face in the Crowd. Brilliantly performed and horrifying because it shows what happens when narcissism goes prime time.

Favorite place? Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya. There’s a primal energy there that’s intoxicating.

Last vacation? Bhutan. A Buddhist Disneyland.

Anything you’d like to ask your fellow Tribecans? I’m looking for a good hot yoga class.

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  1. Dr. Hokemeyer should definitel try Kula Yoga on Warren St.