Seen & Heard: Art, Art, Everywhere

••• Love this artwork by Gregoire Ganter, made for a family that’s leaving Tribeca. (Hey, who left the gate open?)

••• Word on the street is that the old Grimshaw Architects space on Reade—they moved out yesterday—is going to become a “family fitness center” (as in families work out together). Reade Street is officially the family-friendliest street in the city.

••• The New Museum is replacing its iconic “Hell, Yes!” sculpture with a 28-foot rose.

••• From J&R: “We loaned Lady Gaga our white piano for her show in NYC and she was kind enough to return it with her signature! So next time you are browsing for music, stop by and check it out!”

••• I spotted two people checking out Chanterelle the other day, and I think they were the same people I saw before. Is something brewing? Could this be where a certain restaurant is going?

••• A Jeff Koons sculpture like the one outside 7 World Trade—but in blue—is being sold at Christie’s on Nov. 10. (Estimated price: $12,000,000 to $16,000,000.) It’s on display outside Christie’s Rockefeller Center outpost; I noticed it when I was on MSNBC this week. Seriously!

•••John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders will be at City Winery on Dec. 17. John Hodgman and Gary Shteyngart are among the performers. (Have you ever heard Harding’s cover of the Chills’ “Heavenly Pop Hit”?)

•• This is only “Seen & Heard” in that I saw something today and heard myself think it, but…. Every time I walk through Peck Slip, I wonder when the lease on the parking concessions is up, and whether the city will make the most of the opportunity. There aren’t a lot of chances to create a public plaza in Manhattan anymore, and it could be so beautiful—if nothing else, it would distract from the grotesque decision to elevate the FDR. UPDATE: Julie Shapiro at DNAinfo kindly pointed out on Twitter that the city has a plan to put a plaza there. Construction, however, is expected to start in late 2011.


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  1. More people in Chanterelle again today….