In the News: Lobster Rolls

••• “The three outdoor, seasonal grills that overlooked the North Cove Marina from the plaza in front of the Winter Garden—Harry’s Italian, Ed’s Lobster Bar, and Quality Burger—doused their charcoal for the last time on Sunday night. Employees at all three say they will be back next spring. But staff members at Ed’s Lobster Bar predicted they would return to an indoor space at the World Financial Center, where the Donald Sacks restaurant shut its doors on Friday.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “The new East River Waterfront won’t open for another two months, but it’s already a beautiful place to visit. Waves lap the edge of the overhauled esplanade, largely muffling noise from the elevated FDR Drive. The wide, open-to-the-sky plazas afford panoramic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the river. And, beneath a layer of construction dust, the long-promised planters and seating areas are beginning to take shape. […] The public will finally be able to start enjoying the new East Side park, designed to rival the tonier West Side, when the first two-block section between Maiden Lane and Wall Street opens around the end of this year. Ultimately, the $150 million East River Waterfront will create a 2-mile landscaped walking and bike path from the Battery Maritime Building up to Pier 35, just north of the Manhattan Bridge.” (DNAinfo)

••• Oliver Allen on how the Odeon came to be. (Tribeca Trib)

••• Many hotels automatically add a tip onto any drinks bought at their bars. “At the Tribeca Grand Hotel, where a double Beefeater gin on the rocks [Welcome to Hangover City!] costs a whopping $26, the bartender also includes an extra $4.68 tip—that’s an obligatory 18 percent gratuity—on your tab. ‘It’s a hotel policy, because we have a lot of European tourists who don’t tip,” a bartender said.’ (New York Post)

••• “Though Lola’s signage remains, a banner just went up indicating that Tresanti is ‘coming soon,’ and construction workers are indeed finally taking things apart at 15 Watts Street near Thompson. So what’ll replace soul food? Why, brick-oven pizza, of course! Community board minutes indicate that the city’s 5,000th pizzeria will have 128 seats, a 10-seat bar, and, owing to the usual concerns about noise and such, won’t be able to use its courtyard for two years.” (Grub Street)

••• “Following the shocking closing of Santos Party House by the NYPD last Friday, reps from the club took to their Facebook page to explain what went down and blast the use of the infamous ‘Nuisance Laws,’ saying: ‘Yesterday was one for the books at Santos Party House … At around 9:15pm, the mounting excitement was crushed when the NYPD entered into the club and informed us that we were to cease operations until further notice. Needless to say, we were shocked. The summons we received lists a few minor incidents that occurred months ago for the most part, all involving people not under the direct employ of the club.'” (Eater)

••• Albert Trummer, owner of Apothéke in Chinatown and the semi-opened Theater Bar/Teatro on Franklin, is being sued by his Apothéke partners for his fireball act. (Eater)

••• “Community Board 1 unanimously passed a resolution demanding a sixth grade class at P.S. 397, the Spruce Street School, when it opens at the Beekman Tower next fall.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• Wondering what the strange top part of the James hotel looks like from up on the roof? Take a gander at Jimmy, the hotel’s new rooftop bar. (Eater)

••• I’ve probably been too political here and there for some people’s taste, so I’ll just say one thing about today’s elections: Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino decided to tell his wife of 40 years that he had fathered a child with another woman while his wife was looking for family photos to show at the wake of their 29-year-old son, who had died that week in a car accident. To locate where you vote:



  1. nicely done!

  2. I don’t know why Donald Sacks had to close. The owner was local BPC resident and Brookfield refused to renew their lease. Why couldn’t Ed’s go into the vacant space left by the old fish restaurant next to Yushi?

  3. Closing down Donald Sacks was senseless, given the owner wanted to renew his lease. There is plenty of vacant space in the winter garden–including the space next right across from them. They had the best pizza in the neighborhood and from what I can tell, an affordable happy hour for suits. Poor choice by Brookfield…..