Seen & Heard: Winne 1668

••• Kaffe 1668 is now serving wine from 5:30 p.m. to midnight. (Hmm… At the CB1 Tribeca meeting about the liquor-license application, the closing hour was listed as 11 p.m. Guess the State Liquor Authority approved an hour later.) For those of you who are thinking, Great, but how can I get a seat with everyone working there?, the café/wine bar will have “no wi-fi and computers after 7 p.m.” as well as “more music, dimmed light [is that even possible?] and candles. The wine is all “natural, organic and biodynamic,” and there are currently four reds and two whites available by the glass or bottle. Prices range from $9.87 for a glass of 2009 Pepiere Muscadet to $11.94 for a glass of 2009 Terres Dorees Gamay. A plate of four cheeses with homemade pita and lingonberry preserves is $11.94.

••• The word on Reade Street: a women’s clothing store will take over the Kiva Cafe space. If you know more and are willing to tell it, I’ll buy you a glass of $11.94 wine at Kaffe 1668, and maybe, if it’s really interesting, a $11.94 cheese plate.

••• I ate at Kori last night. I guess it was the first time in a while, because I hadn’t been inside since they redid the interior. It looks pretty nice! And Korean food tastes so good when the weather is cold.

••• Speaking of cold-weather deliciousness: Ward III is holding a Cognac & Cocktails event on Sunday at 7 p.m.

••• Formerly of 75 Wall Street, Liberty Church—”a Christian community in New York City with the audacity to believe that by His grace we could influence a city that influences the world”—will hold services at Tribeca Cinemas starting Sunday, Nov. 14.



  1. I looked up Kaffe’s wine type: “biodynamic” – adj., costing slightly more than regular; inflated through the use of quasi-scientific terminology.

  2. Kori also has one of the best happy hour deals in the neighborhood, if not the city to go along with the great food.