Seen & Heard: eXerBlast

••• Reader Kerry F. reports that today’s ribbon-cutting of Pier 25 was postponed due to rain, and a new date will be announced. Just open it already! Put the speeches on YouTube! The park is opening today after all! Only the ceremony is canceled.

••• The company behind the family-fitness concept coming to the old Grimshaw Architects space on Reade (left) is called eXerBlast. “We are thrilled to be opening our family fitness business in Tribeca where three of the partners either live or have children in the neighborhood schools,” emailed Kate Gyllenhaal, executive vice president, program design. I couldn’t get more out of her at this time other than that they’re hoping to open early in 2011. The website of Windham Pilates in New Hampshire, however, offers an eXerBlast program, and here’s how it’s described: “Our new eXerBlast class is a fitness adventure where exercise is actually fun! Open to children ages 4–12 and their parents, this program challenges hand/eye coordination, speed, agility, rhythm, core strength and aerobic capacity. Using our active Sportwall and other apparatus, eXerBlast keeps everyone in the class moving, laughing and enjoying quality time together. This is one of the few fitness programs that you can enjoy with your child, regardless of your fitness levels. We encourage parents to participate with their children, encouraging your child to learn that fitness is something to enjoy as a family, and creating a bonding moment that you both will enjoy.” Also, eXerBlast’s own website says they’re hiring.

••• The plot thickens: A reader reports that Kiva employees told her that Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee was coming to the space, not women’s fashion. No word yet, or possibly ever, from Jack’s.

••• One nice thing about being tall is that I can peek into papered-over windows without trying. Weather Up, coming to the space just west of Duane Park restaurant, is really coming along fast. Nice subway tile and handsome lighting.

••• Allan Tannenbaum took photos of a recent tour of the Fulton Street Transit Center. Neat stuff. (via CB1’s Twitter account, @communityboard1)

••• Gilt City has a deal at Pasanella & Son for some kind of wine and cheese event. Today’s deal on DoodleDeals is for Physique Swimming lessons. Too lazy to type the details but every kid should learn how to swim, the earlier the better.

••• Best Made Co. is selling a $90 first-aid kit. Help, my wallet is bleeding….

••• Toro Lounge under Plein Sud now has a Wednesday-night party called Frederick’s, after owner Frederick Lesort. It starts at 10 p.m., so you’ll have to tell me all about it.

••• Sweet story from Manhattan Children’s Theatre: “Awesome story: our buddy Aaron B. Heisler and his generous co-workers at Credit Suisse recently put together a fundraiser without us knowing, and then surprised us with a big bag of money to buy new supplies!”


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