New Kid on the Block: Emergency Medical Care

The brochures for the medical facility that opened this week at 200 Chambers tout it as Pinnacle Medical, while the website refers to it as Concierge Emergency Medical Care, and when I called to ask, I was told it’s just Emergency Medical Care. I neglected to ask patient services liaison Debra Spizzo when I stopped by, but at some point the name doesn’t matter. What you need to know is that the place is basically a 24-hour emergency room, with one main distinction: The goal is an average wait of 15 minutes. “You will not wait an hour,” said Spizzo.

The waiting area. (I couldn't shoot a patient room because they were all in use.)

The 3,700-square-foot space has five patient rooms, an x-ray room, and a control room. They can do a 64-slice CAT scan (which Spizzo said is state-of-the-art), and on-site services include lab work and ultrasound. There are five attending staff physicians, one nurse, and one physician’s assistant. If you need to go to a hospital, EMC has partnered with SeniorCare for ambulance service: “You’ll be admitted directly to the the hospital,” said Spizzo. EMC has also lined up nearby Kings Pharmacy, which will deliver prescriptions to your home.

You don’t need an appointment or prior authorization, as a visit to EMC is considered emergency medicine. “We’re working on accepting all insurances,” said Spizzo, which should be done in a week or two. “And we’ll submit claims for you.”

Emergency Medical Care is at 200 Chambers (at West); 212-962-6600,

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  1. I’m curious about its business plan. Is it just much more expensive than a typical ER, in which case will insurance plans still pay? And what happens to their 15 minute average wait time if 10 people happen to show up around the same time? Hm…

  2. While I have no knowledge of how this one is going to work, I have used the emergency care places on Long Island and if this one follows suit, they accept insurance, their turnaround time is great and the convenience is such that my sister actually has designated one as her primary care facility. I think if this one works the same as First Med and those others in the suburbs, it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  3. Came down with a nasty cold/flu this week. My temp spike up to 104 out of nowhere. Called my my doctor said it would be 4 days before he cold see me. Rushed over here , they admitted me immediately(no wait). Also took my insurance(UNH)
    Unlike a doctors office where they look at you and talk to you and then send you out with a prescription this place actually teats you on the spot. They gave me an x-ray (with results in no time….thought it may be pneumonia) . They took and analyzed my blood on site. Then pumped me fully of 2 IV bags with meds. I went from shaking with a 104 fever to stabilized and feeling much better in an hour. I am glad I didn’t wait four days just to see my upper east side Dr.
    The place is no frills but who cares. they had good equipment and the people were super nice and professional. And if you are afraid of NY Downtown hospital as much as I am this is a great emergency/quick care alternative.

  4. Be careful about going. My husband went and assumed they accepted his insurance when they took his card and asked for a co-pay. Found out when a $500 bill came for a 15 minute visit, that they didn’t accept his insurance, which is with a major carrier. Upon contacting them, they refused to reduce the bill at all. Normally, offices advise patients that they don’t accept the insurance. They claim there is a sign. I don’t know how many sick patients come into a facility looking for a sign to notify them of whether the visit will be covered by insurance. The service itself is fine just be aware of the billing.