Update: 77 Reade

In Progress Report: The New Builds, Part 1, I wrote about 77 Reade, the building going up between Church and Broadway. (It’s the one that also fronts Chambers.) The building’s website is now up, and it makes clearer how the new development incorporates an old building. There are also some nice renderings of the façades (pictured below); the interiors struck me as less noteworthy, but you can find them on the site. Oh, and there’s a sweet photo of Tribeca Treats’ Rachel Thebault, too. Note to 77 Reade: The list of restaurants should drop Spaghetti Western and instead include Mehtaphor, Birdbath, Da Mikele, Rosanjin, Macao Trading Co., Il Matto, and Stuzzicheria….


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