Introducing the Tribeca Citizen Calendar

Parastou Forouhar's "Ashura," at RH Gallery through Jan. 12.

I finally took reader Bob’s advice and created a Google calendar, then embedded it into a page on this site. Pages don’t show up in chronological order the way posts do; instead, they’re in the left-hand column. So if you look to the left, right under ADVERTISING (how’s that for a subliminal hint?), you’ll see CALENDAR OF EVENTS.

Click on it!

What you’ll find is a bunch of disclaimers (I’m new to Google calendars), a list of ongoing events such as gallery exhibits and theater (I can’t find a way to put them in the Google calendar without ODing on data entry), and the calendar itself, which now has start times, details, and locations (just click on any event for more info). Beyond that is a list of upcoming gallery exhibits, theater, etc.

Maintaining this will be require more effort, but I think it’ll be much more useful. If you have suggestions, email me at And if you work at an organization listed in the calendar and you have staffers who can help load your events, please consider it.



  1. thanks from THE REAL BOB!

  2. PS: for those of you using iCal on the mac, here’s the URL you can use to have the Tribeca Citizen calendar show up in your own calendar: