First Impressions: Unleashed by Petco

So, what do you think of the new Unleashed by Petco store on Chambers? I’m torn: I like seeing Chambers developed, but chain stores feel like the Upper West Side. (It’s so bright in there you could operate.) On the other hand, Unleashed carries the dog food my pug eats, and no one else around here does….

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  1. Not enough cat food selection!

  2. i’ve been meaning to go, but since we live on the other side of the great divide, I haven’t made my across (and when they told us they were going to close the street, they didnt’ say anything about losing half the sidwalk! South Chambers St is just crazy lately!)

  3. This morning, I took my dog to Dr. Xanthos at Reade Street Animal Hospital—she’s fantastic, by the way, and I can’t recommend her highly enough—and she asked what people think about Unleashed by Petco. “Funny you should ask,” I said, explaining that I had just posted this item. Thinking about Liat’s comment, I said I felt sort of sorry for them because they opened on Chambers right as it was under construction. Well, Dr. Xanthos said that Unleashed had posted critical comments and a low rating on her hospital’s Yelp page, and she had to contact Yelp to get it taken down. That might be number one on the list of things you DON’T do when you’re a chain store moving into a sweet little neighborhood.

  4. I agree with the Hudson River answeree. Cat foods and other items are quite sparse. Maybe they should open a new place bext store for caats to even it out.

  5. Fresh clean, and (probably) spacious (when it’s not full of people).

    But a pedestrian selection. They don’t carry my dog’s food(Bil-Jac), and frankly it made me feel like I was commiting pet shop adultery against my regular small pet shop. I left without buying anything. I’m sticking with the locals.