Seen & Heard: M.S. Apothecary

••• Weather Up Tribeca will open Saturday, or so I heard yesterday (but not from Weather Up, so grain o’ salt). Then again, the paper is off the windows now, so maybe tonight is the big night. (Actually, I just walked by and it didn’t appear that tonight is the big night, but these things can change fast.)

••• While researching the gift guide, I stopped in at M.S. Apothecary‘s pop-up at 9 N. Moore. They’ve decked out the space appealingly, with holiday cards on one wall (you’re encouraged to sign them, as they’re going to U.S. troops), and ornaments, dangling from the ceiling, that will be donated to the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youth. The troops are evidently also asking for personal care items for the holidays; drop some off and M.S. Apothecary will forward them on.

••• Stuzzicheria is now taking reservations through OpenTable.

••• From Estancia 460: “Starting [today] and every Friday until Christmas, Dana Faith will be selling her fabulous jewelry at Estancia 460 from noon to 4 p.m.”

••• Tomohiro Nakamoto of the new Pas de Deux Salon sent me a very nice email remarking how this article led to new clients. Thanks to everyone who mentions Tribeca Citizen when patronizing a business he/she read about here. It helps!

••• The new Less Less store on Chambers is much nicer than RHX, which was there before.


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  1. Just heard back from the soldiers in Iraq today. They thank everyone in New York for the well wishes and the cards. Thank you!