Foto Friday

I wrote about this already, but here’s a better photo of One World Trade, currently getting glassed. It’s about halfway to its final height.

Well, getting shot four times is a quicker way to go than melting.

I took a long walk today, and I started to see snowmen everywhere. I still don’t know is this one was intentional.

The remains of Frosty the Dinosaur?

It’ll all be gone soon, one drip at a time…

…or by backhoe and truck. (This morning, the DSNY was piling snow on Park Place before carting it off.)

All the proof that certain people need to accuse the federal government of launching rockets from the Ted Weiss Federal Building.

The Subway sandwich shop at 137 Hudson wishes you all the best in the coming year, and while it will not be opening tomorrow, it appreciates your patronage. Or at least I think that’s what this means.

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