Guess Who’s Moving In…

You know the three-story brick building at Hudson and Thomas, where Paul Kohn Design used to be? I always thought a Banana Republic would be at home there, and I wasn’t far off: J. Crew’s kids’ line, Crewcuts, has rented the Hudson-facing part of the ground floor. (The Thomas side will be a restaurant.) It’s due to open next month. If the signs in the windows are any indication, the folks at J. Crew are clearly concerned about blending in with the neighborhood (two kids’ clothing stores, Shoofly and Torly Kid, are very close by). In the style of a chalkboard-punishment session, they state such resolutions as “I will still buy shoes at Shoefly” [sic], along with Tribeca-specific ones regarding Bubby’s and Washington Market Park.

P.S. Thanks to Emma for the alert that the signs had gone up! (And yes, this was the opening I hinted at yesterday.)



  1. too bad they misspelled their new neighbor’s name! :)

  2. Agreed. They say they’re fixing it…

  3. ” I will not be susceptible to cute, well executed marketing ploys.”

  4. I wonder what Tribeca kids’ Tribeca-specific resolutions/promises would really be…. Any suggestions, folks?

  5. So excited. I love crewcuts as do all my kids!
    A good addition to the neighborhood.