Seen & Heard: Color Me Mine Reborn

••• Paint-your-own-pottery studio Color Me Mine is moving into 92 Reade, the former Grimshaw architects annex on Reade, just east of Tribeca Treats. OK, New York Times Metropolitan section, you may come down now to write about how Reade Street is the family-friendliest street in Manhattan.

••• There must be something in the water these days, because I seem to be hearing rumors everywhere. Today’s big one is that Nam is closing; it’s possible whoever owns the building is looking for rent leverage. I called Nam and the rumor was news to them.

••• Rumor #2: Someone is starting a “gourmet cupcake shop” in Tribeca. Have so many fit, toned people ever had such access to so many baked goods? (Know more? Spill it.)

••• From Manhattan Children’s Theatre: “Brand new, world premiere original MCT spin on Little Red Riding Hood opens this weekend, complete with loving tributes to Warner Bros and Tex Avery cartoons and a pair of bumbling wolves doing their best Abbot and Costello. Use the code FIVE to save five bucks on tickets on opening weekend! or 212-352-3101.”

••• Neeta pointed out in the comments that to go along with its omnivore’s menu, Mehtaphor has a vegetarian menu, too. Which I knew, but forgot to mention last time I wrote about eating there. Damn wine.

••• Speaking of the Duane Street Hotel: “Mix naughty and nice this Valentine’s Day with the new ‘Package 14’ offering from NYC’s Duane Street Hotel.  Treat your sweetie to an ultra-romantic 14-course tasting dinner on the hotel’s rooftop, then get down to business with 14 ‘All Aphrodisiac’ in-room amenities—which range from champagne to role-playing dice!” (Fourteen amenities? That’s one for every minute….) The package is an absurd $1,400 per night, which says to me that it’s simply a PR stunt. Sheesh, who would fall for that? Update: I asked the PR rep if people wouldn’t be cold up on the roof, and she said that “the hotel is setting up tented tables on the roof deck and there will be heaters in the tents.”


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  1. The Nam building is owned by the people who own Bell Bates.