Seen & Heard: Palm Tribeca Deal

••• Curious about the food at Jung Sik Dang, the Korean restaurant coming to the Chanterelle space? Diners at the Seoul outpost recently shot a video.

••• The Palm Tribeca has a good $49.95 prix-fixe deal going on now—and you can be eligible to win the special for you and a companion simply by commenting on the post about it on Tribeca Citizen’s Facebook page. (I’m holding a drawing at the end of the week.)

••• On Groupon: $20 for $40 worth of food and drink at Battery Gardens, conveniently located for anyone catching the Staten Island Ferry.

••• I’ve been hearing about the nachos at Souths for as long as I’ve been doing this site, and while I haven’t had nachos in 15 years, the weather today seemed nacho-appropriate, so I went there for lunch. When the waiter set the plate down on the table and then asked if he could get me anything else, I said, “A pickaxe?” It was a mountain of food. They were really good—nachos might be like brownies or meatloaf, in that you’ll always like what you grew up with—but they were perhaps too good. I ate and ate and ate, and yet I didn’t even make it halfway. I don’t think I have ever left more food on the plate that I’ve eaten. I may not eat dinner. I’m serious!


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  1. I was really charmed by your account of the nachos at Souths, because the insanity of the portion size of those nachos is kind of a running joke between me and my wife. I don’t think one person could possibly eat it, maybe not even two, though they are very, very good as you say.