BPC North: Goldman Sachs’s Retail and Restaurant Plans

A scout reports that the Verdesian building in Battery Park City held an event on Thursday in which details were revealed about Goldman Sachs’s retail plans for its building and for the Conrad Hotel (née Embassy Suites).

••• Coming to the Goldman Sachs building (left), along the arcade that runs between Murray and Vesey: a bakery, an eyewear shop (with optometrist), a wine shop, and a gourmet market.

••• On the Conrad side of the alley, at the north end, there will be a florist, a soup/salad/sandwich place, the Shake Shack, and an Asian restaurant (a mix of Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese). Let’s try to keep an open mind about the mixed-Asian restaurant.

••• Coming to the south side of the Conrad building, along with the sole survivor existing Pick A Bagel, is Blue Smoke. The southwest corner of the Conrad, at Vesey and North End (right), will be retail of some kind. There will be sidewalk seating along North End.

••• The fancy Danny Meyer restaurant—concept and name have not been released—will be on the northwest corner of the Conrad (at Murray and North End), including where Embassy Suites’ front desk used to be. Guests staying at the Conrad will check in on the second floor, under the huge Sol LeWitt mural in the atrium.

••• The restaurants will start opening as soon as spring and be completed by fall.

••• The Conrad will have a green roof (with an herb garden for Danny Meyer), as well as a roof lounge that will be operated by the hotel but open to non-guests. The lounge will be small—1,300 square feet, with an occupancy of around 65 people.

••• The cinema marquee will replaced by kiosks—one on Murray, one on Vesey—where you can check showtimes and buy tickets.

Thanks to the scout!



  1. Love the detailed insight on these Goldman plans — Thank you!

  2. There goes the neighborhood! People flock to live in this area for the peace and quiet. Neighbors were looking forward to the end of a long construction to have that peace and quiet. With a roof deck and outdoor seating at the Conrad and Blue Smoke restaurants, we’ll be stuck with lots more people (the loud, smoking, and drinking sort, I can only imagine), lots of additional foot traffic and much, MUCH more noise.

    Good luck to these buildings that continue to raise the rent, the property will not rise in value with more of a headache for their tenants. Don’t our “buddies” at Goldman Sachs realize the imposition we’ve dealt with having construction that starts at 6:30am the past few years and with the Goldman Sachs ferry running late at night.

    Does this area really need ANOTHER gourmet market? How about something for the community, like Trader Joe’s, that would be far more useful to a family oriented community. Why not bring them in?

  3. I totally agree, a Trader Joe in Tribeca would be fantastic!

  4. Ditto on the gourmet market. There are plenty of places walking distance from us with pricey produce and expensive cheese. A Trader Joes or Fairway would be great. As for the mixed Asian restaurant, ironically, my litmus test for when to avoid an Asian restaurant is when they mix cuisines–always a bad sign.