A Taste of Taste of Tribeca

Just back from Taste of Tribeca‘s kickoff event at Blaue Gans—the big benefit for P.S. 234 and P.S. 150 corralled invited a bunch of chefs from the neighborhood—and I remain impressed with how well-oiled the ToT machinery is. Chairs Sean Murphy Turner and Jimmy Carbone announced that last year’s event sold the most tickets in the event’s history, and that people are coming from all over the city (and beyond). There were around 70 restaurants participating last year, and this year may even have more, given that Locanda Verde and Sarabeth’s Tribeca have already signed on. (It amazes me that restaurants don’t participate. I was talking recently to someone starting a restaurant in Tribeca, and I mentioned how he’ll want to make room in his marketing budget for a table at Taste of Tribeca—if only because you don’t want to piss off organized parents.) Rachel Thebault (of Tribeca Treats), Kurt Gutenbrunner (of Blaue Gans, pictured at top), and Russell Moss (of 92YTribeca‘s café, pictured below) did a cookoff with schoolkids, who were chaperoned by their principals, but to be honest I didn’t pay attention, as I was too busy chatting with Mike Franzetti (Stuzzicheria), Jehangir Mehta (Mehtaphor), and Carl Provenzano (Carl’s Steaks), and Sarabeth herself.

Anyway, mark your calendar: The 2011 Taste of Tribeca will be May 21. Stay tuned for ticket info, or “like” the ToT Facebook page.



  1. I can’t imagine a better cause to support. BTW, who’s the new restaurant so I can add to my list?

  2. Can’t discuss it yet….

  3. Fun! I love a challenge.

  4. i can tell you it’s true – parents boycott restaurants that doesn’t participate.
    btw, kerry, get to work!

  5. They don’t boycott restaurants who don’t participate but do like to show our appreciation to those who do! Hi Joni.

  6. There are some restaurants that repeatedly don’t participate. Parents know who they are. I know many people, including myself, who chose to support the restaurants that participate.

  7. It’s a great event, looking forward to it! Is it spring yet?