Cool Dudes

I decided this morning that perhaps we’d all had enough of my après-blizzard photo essays, but by this afternoon’s cabin fever, I was out and about, and I couldn’t help but notice the snowmen everywhere—in City Hall Park, Washington Market Park, Bogardus Plaza, that median park along North End, Rockefeller Park…. The one above was taller than I am! Adults seemed to be enjoying making them more than the kids were, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

And here’s a snowwoman (well, presumably) that just came in from Barbara Tomasulo, who said, “We made a whole family in front of the abandoned building at the corner of Watts and Washington. The boa is mine—glad to give it up for a good cause.” Send over your snowman pix and I’ll add them here:



  1. LOVE IT! Very cute!

  2. I had fun just looking at these masterpeices!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really love this pictures. We came to LA for Mad Men but boys have missed Tribeca like the dickens. Thanks.