1WTC Rising (Part 2)

One World Trade Center doesn’t just loom over Tribeca—it can also be seen from points east, south, and west. The photos are by me unless otherwise noted. Once again, the photos from farther away tend to be the most compelling.

From the east:


Fulton and Gold.

Fulton and Nassau.

Fulton and Church. (Courtesy M.M. De Voe.)

From Barclay Tower. (Courtesy Charlotte Bialek.)

Vesey between W. Broadway and Church. (Courtesy Ron Devito)

From the south:

From Liberty Court, at Little West and W. Thames. (Courtesy Rebecca Soebbing)

Liberty and West.


Greenwich and Cedar. (Courtesy Jonathan Caplan)

From Staten Island. (Courtesy Ron Devito)

From Staten Island. (Courtesy Ron Devito)

From the west:

Murray and West.

River Terrace and Vesey.

North Cove Marina.

World Financial Center Plaza.

Vesey between West and North End.

Vesey and West. (Courtesy Barry Fidnick.)


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  1. Great line-up of shots !! Thank you Erik and everyone.