Seen & Heard: Super Cookies

••• If you recently received a J. Crew catalog in the mail, you may want to retrieve it from the recycling bin: There’s a coupon/card good for 20% off a purchase of $100 or more at the new Crewcuts Tribeca (opening Tuesday); expires Feb. 14. FYI on the back cover there are “New Balance for J. Crew” sneakers that look like someone finally realized that not everyone associates performance with hideous styling.

••• From Tribeca Treats: “We began making Super Bowl team cookies three years ago when the Giants played the Patriots (sorry to bring back bad memories, Pats fans…), and for three years now the team who sold more cookies has been the team that won the Super Bowl!”

••• Nirvana International‘s Amit Shah is now buying jewelry and artwork.

••• From Bloomspot: Discounts at Tribeca Health & Fitness, including $69 for three months’ membership.

••• I Don’t Know How She Does It, a film version of Allison Pearson’s bestselling 2002 novel about a working mother, is filming today on Duane. The cast includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Hendricks, Pierce Brosnan, and Kelsey Grammer.

••• I have a $20 gift card for Stuzzicheria that I received at at event a couple of months ago, and I want to give it away. I brought it to the the restaurant last night—the cavatelli remain awesome, but the fried artichokes are off the menu, alas—but I couldn’t use it; I don’t want to be the hack who takes freebies from businesses I cover. So I’m giving it away: The first person to comment (nicely!) on this post wins it. Caveat: I have no idea if there’s an expiration date. I don’t think there’s one, but who knows?

••• From Scoutmob: Save $20 at Cupping Room Café in Soho.



  1. I could take that gift card off your hands!

  2. You win! Watch for an email….