In the News: Borscht Belt Deli

Kutsher's prime rib (courtesy TripAdvisor)

••• “The Post reports today that the restaurateur [Jeffrey Chodorow] is teaming up with the Kutsher family of the Catskills to open Kutsher Deli in Tribeca. For those unfamiliar, the Kutshers own the over 100 year-old The New Kutsher’s Resort & Spa (formerly Kutsher’s Hotel), one of the last kosher resort hotel in the Catskills Mountains, which was once a haven for sports stars and comedians and served as inspiration for Dirty Dancing. It’s a fading institution with many admirers, so there are a lot of upsides to bringing a piece of it to the city. We await details from the Chodorow camp, but perhaps it will be Jewish delicatessen.” Any guesses where this might be going? Maybe 34 Leonard? Central Tribeca location, law school across the street, Citigroup a couple block away…. P.S. I didn’t link to the Post because it opened all sorts of spammy windows—the kind that leave you no choice but to click “OK” or quit the entire browser; I wonder how much extra NYP advertisers pay for that. (Eater)

••• Fascinating story in yesterday’s Broadsheet Daily—the subhed says it all: “Parks Officers Tackle and Cuff BPC Resident for Unspecified ‘Disorderly Conduct.’ No Arrest Made: Adam Pratt Alleges He Was Beaten and Taken to Bellevue as Payback for Documenting PEP Misconduct.”

••• “Last month, in a small basement room of The Wagging Tail on Worth Street, four women and one man who had recently lost beloved pets, shared their grief. […] This was the first meeting of the Animal Bereavement Support Group, begun by April Lang, a psychotherapist in private practice in Tribeca. According to Lang, who has lived in the neighborhood since 1996, there is a growing need for such a group Downtown.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• “A group of Southbridge Towers residents, many of whom are elderly, are seeking easier access to physical therapy services at New York Downtown Hospital. Since May, 2009, when the former St. Vincent’s Hospital physical therapy department relocated Downtown and began to share space with New York Downtown’s physical therapy department, Southbridge residents who rely on the services say they have experienced difficulty scheduling appointments-sometimes having to wait two or three weeks before securing a slot.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “Five trees stand astride the construction on Chambers Street, bearing gashes and broken limbs. The damage is inflicted by careless backhoe operators, according to Steve Boyce, president of Friends of Greenwich Street.” (Tribeca Trib)

••• “As Downtown school activists continue their opposition to Innovate Manhattan charter middle school moving into Tweed Courthouse this fall, the experimental school is ramping up its recruitment efforts in District 2 this month. The first in a series of information sessions is scheduled for Feb 2 at the Downtown Community Center.” (Tribeca Trib)



  1. Thank you for posting the Kutsher’s news. That is awesome! As ever, am loving the site.

  2. I hope they open around here, we are missing a proper jewish deli!