What’s in Store for West Broadway?

Walking along W. Broadway today, I did a double take: The mock-supermarket classroom—a training set-up for the New York City Department of the Aging—at the southeast corner of Worth has been moved somewhere else, as have whatever presumably city-related offices were just around the corner on Worth. It’s a huge space, currently with four doors, so I’m guessing it’s divisible; moreover, because that part of Worth is on a hill, the space cascades westward. On one hand, this means yet more vacant space—across W. Broadway is 60 Hudson, which has at least one street-level storefront (the old Ace Hardware); across Worth is the old Boomerang Toys; and up one block is the big 34 Leonard retail space—which isn’t always great. On the other hand, if when it all ends up getting leased, Tribeca will be one major step closer to having the kind of retail corridor that can make visiting much easier and more appealing for people from outside the area.

No doubt the building would prefer one large tenant. Any suggestions for what might make sense there? (Besides Trader Joe’s!) This, of course, is assuming the New York Law School & Lighthouse doesn’t choose to expand.


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  1. Please let this be a market of some kind! On very cold (or very hot days in the summer) Morgan’s is just a little bit too far for a quick lunch or snack. Although I’m pretty sure we will always have some degree of loyalty to Morgan’s, since we are in there almost daily.