In the News: Pécan Expansion

••• Pécan is opening a location on the Upper West Side. (Crain’s)

••• “A line of cleansing juices sold exclusively at Whole Foods Tribeca is flying off the shelves so quickly that the store can barely keep the drinks in stock. Fans of the nutrient-packed BluePrintCleanse juices said they were thrilled when Whole Foods started carrying them a few weeks ago. The drinks were previously only available in bulk online.” (DNAinfo)

••• The New York Press—remember that?—did not like Weather Up Tribeca. I went back the other night, and I have no complaints (or maybe I’m part of the “douchey” clientele the critic mentions). No, that’s not true. I have yet to learn that when you’re ordering a non-classic cocktail, you need to ask how it’s served. Mine (the Kensington Fix) came under a snow-cone’s worth of rabbit-poop ice, and to drink it I had to sip on a metal straw, which I did not enjoy because I prefer not to use straws (exceptions: fast food, ice cream sodas, and iced coffee) and especially not metal ones. It was like sucking on the barrel of a thin, cold gun.

••• From Manhattan User’s Guide: “Want to keeps tabs on your City Council member? Gotham Gazette has made it much easier to do that, with their newly launched Councilpedia, which lets you know exactly who’s contributing to their campaigns and how much.” Here’s Margaret Chin’s page.

••• “The summer forecast for Governors Island: another seasons of concerts, art exhibits, mini-golf, free bicycle rentals, and more. But there’s one cloud on the horizon: The future of the hugely popular free kayaking program offered by the Downtown Boathouse will depend on how many volunteers come forward between now and the May 27 opening day.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “The last pieces of the above-ground structure that was the former Deutsche Bank tower at 130 Liberty Street have finally been torn down, the LMDC reported on Monday.” Now bring on the exorcist. (Tribeca Trib)

••• “The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council is taking over the River to River Festival from the Downtown Alliance.” (DNAinfo)


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  1. Re Councilpedia – I’m not so interested in who is contributing per se, but I am interested in how each candidate is voting. The city council basically rolled over for the Mayor these past few years and only recently becoming part of the checks and balance process again. This is not a comment against Margaret Chin, who I like and see everywhere, so I know how hard she is working, but there are other council members out there not working half as hard (then again, if it’s not a complaint against Margaret, it’s not a Tribeca issue… I’ll go and take my griping somewhere else!)