Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments.

Congratulations to ArmandoRJ! (And also to Raj and Laura, who answered just minutes after but couldn’t have known that ArmandoRJ had already guessed it—I hadn’t approved his comment yet.) The three of you win a free cup of coffee at Yorganic from Monday to Saturday of next week.



  1. Broadway entrance to the Woolworth Building?

  2. Lobby of Woolworth Building

  3. Woolworth building!

  4. Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!! How about some fricking consistency with the prizes?!!! One week people get nothing, other weeks they get coffee! Some weeks there is only 1 winner, other weeks there are 3!!!! I am calling for Julia-style boycott of the use of baby strollers!! All parents can show their support by choosing to walk, carry or drag their loved ones thru the cobblestoned streets of Tribeca (stay clear of Hudson & Franklin due to construction) until Erik reforms his photo contest. The people will be heard!! VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!

  5. Having lived in the neighborhood for most of my life (since the late 70’s) I grew accustomed to just walking into the building and looking around. Whenever I was with an architect friend, or anyone visiting from out of town, it was a highlight of my informal “walking tours” of the area. A few months ago I was with a friend from Japan and entirely without noticing walked right past that sign into the building, and started pointing out architectural details. The guard at the desk said, with the faintest hint of acknowledgement that we had no malicious intent, “you guys work here, right”? It took me a half-second to figure out what was going on, and I said “oh, yeah, we’re just leaving for the day”. “Have a good night,” he said, and let me finish showing the stairwells to my friend. He was very nice about it, but really, not being able to partake of this gem at leisure is a tremendous loss. I understand the reason for it, I guess, but the city needs more, not fewer sites where people can see great works of art for free.

  6. When I have out ot town guests & want to show them the lobby, I walk in & if stopped say a friend works in the building & I am looking for her office. It always works!