Seen & Heard: Pizza Deal

••• From ScoutMob: A deal at Saluggi’s pizzeria (above).

••• From Tippr: A deal for the “Bodies” exhibition.

••• From Groupon: A deal at Do Yoga Do Pilates.

••• From Stuzzicheria‘s Facebook page: “Mention Facebook and get an additional complimentary Stuzzichini [small-plate appetizer, though I think in singular form it would be stuzzichino] at Happy Hour through Sunday February 20.”

••• Gilt City will be offering 40% off dinner at Marc Forgione as of Feb. 23. Not sure why Forgione would bother, given that it’s packed every time I try to drop in. (Update: sorry for not being clearer: The deal will be announced and available as of Feb. 23.)

••• I popped into Moomah this morning for a coffee—heavens there are a lot of kids in there on weekends!—and I tried one of Danny’s Macaroons for the first time. I got the salted caramel one and it was delicious, the perfect three-bite treat. (Coconut-based macaroons are not to be confused with French macarons.)


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  1. glad you liked the mac! thanks for writing about it :)