Seen & Heard: About That Deliveryman….

••• Remember that strange story about the 50 Murray resident who accused a newspaper deliveryman of entering her apartment and groping her while she slept? A resident of the building emailed to ask why I hadn’t covered it more, and I explained that after posting a link to the Post’s article, I didn’t really know what else to say—besides, sex-related crimes can be a bit touchy, if you’ll forgive even that pun. His response: “Apparently, the deliveryman is known here, and he has been working in the building for 7+ years without incident. I understand he even showed up for work the next day not thinking there was anything wrong.” Now I’m intrigued. Anyone over there know anything else?

••• A reminder that Yorganic is giving away coffee through tomorrow. It’s a promotion with SeamlessWeb, and I’m told first-time users of SeamlessWeb can get $5 off their first order by using the code “freecoffee.” I was late to SeamlessWeb—I’m not big on delivery—but now I’m wildly on board. It’s brilliant. If you order food and are still calling restaurants up, trust me, check it out. (No, SeamlessWeb is not paying me for this. It’s pretty rare that anyone offers to buy my soul, and I’d let you know if they succeeded.)

••• I peeked into Christina Lehr’s boutique yesterday—the door was ajar!—and there were clothes inside, so that “opening soon” sign might mean “opening very soon.” No one has called me back, which I’m trying not to take personally.

••• Christy Turlington‘s documentary about at-risk pregnant women, No Woman, No Cry, will be shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network on Mother’s Day, May 7. Turlington lives here, which I imagine you know if you know who she is.

••• Fiterman Hall will top off in March, senior project manager Stefan Thiersch told the LMCCC (via Newyorkology and DNAinfo’s Julie Shapiro on Twitter).

••• I forgot! Shelby Lynne (whose “I Am Shelby Lynne” is one of the great records of the past few years decades), will be at City Winery on Apr. 14. Or at least that’s what yesterday’s email from City Winery said, and I bought tickets. But it’s not on the venue’s website. So who knows. I dug the URL out of my browser history. Sleuthy!


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