Seen & Heard: Borders Liquidation

••• I learned something interesting at jury duty this morning (confirmed by phone): Borders Wall Street—which will close by the end of April—is having a liquidation sale.

••• Half-portions are for losers: TriBeCafe is now offering pastas one-and-a-half times the normal size. (I don’t recall them being all that big to begin with.)

••• The Project No. 8 pop-up shop on Duane is supposed to close at the end of the month. I emailed co-owner Brian Janusiak to confirm it, and here’s what he said: “We always planned on ending sometime in the middle of February, but thought we would just end more naturally at the end of the month. This was predicated on our thinking we had the space until March 1. As crazy as it sounds, and maybe a little too telling about how many directions our attention is focused in, we found out that our lease is up at the end of March instead. So… we thought it would be great to keep our plan in place and then use the ‘extra-surprise-month’ to do a special project in the space, perhaps around Armory.” [The Armory is a modern/contemporary art show being held Mar. 3–6 this year.] He also said a lot of nice things about being in Tribeca; I think no one ever told him that fashion/design people are supposed to be unpleasant.

••• New at Babesta: This cute shirt by Infinitee. (“Just the one?” was my reply.)

••• Spotted this on Twitter: “Today, DineTonite adds Il Matto of Tribeca. Book a reservation through us and receive 25% off your ENTIRE check. No coupons necessary!” Not sure what DineTonightTonite is—like OpenTable? If anyone looks it up, feel free to explain in the comments.

••• Taste of Tribeca tickets go on sale online as of March 1; early-bird tickets are $35. The event is May 21.



  1. Dinetonite is a site that offers the consumers the ability to book a reservation to the restaurant of their choice and received a % of savings offer by the restaurant off the entire check. is not your ordinary $50 for $25 type of deal, the savings are unlimited depending on the size of the party or the amount of food consumed. additionally, there is no coupons you need to print out, via the resservation, the restaurant knows who is the dinetonite patron and applies the savings accordingly.

  2. The Borders liquidation is a big fraud: they’re offering 20% to 40% off the merchandise, and that means 20% off anything worth looking at. Hardly a liquidation sale. I’m hoping they might have a true “everything must go” but I suspect the good merchandise will just go to one of their remaining stores–or to pulp, sadly.