Seen & Heard: Rondo Sale

••• From Rondo, the thrift shop next to (and benefitting) Church Street School for Music and Art: “Starting today all of our winter coats are on sale for $5. We are also having a grab bag special—grab a bag and fill it for $20.” This furry suit thing is probably long gone, alas.

••• From TheDealist: four-course meal with wine pairings for $45 at Cercle Rouge (valid only for certain dates).

••• P.S. 234’s Spring Auction is Mar. 26. Surely you can donate something! Perhaps someone would like to blog here for a day….

••• An interesting (and free) event this evening: “AIR, Art International Radio is pleased to announce the live performance of musician Heavyw8bit Championchip, taking place at the Clocktower Gallery Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 at 6 p.m. Hailing from parts unknown, Heavyw8bit’s aspiring pro wrestling career was tragically cut short when he broke his pinky toe in a Japanese death match. After being quickly rushed to a Tokyo hospital, Dr. Mario informed the grappler that he would never fully recover from the injury. With his wrestling career now over, Heavyw8bit defends the ‘championchip’ with an arsenal of custom homebrew software designed for 1980’s technology. Including the patented NESK-1, which transforms a Nintendo NES into a playable synthesizer. What ‘cha gonna do, when Heavyw8bitmania runs Bwild on you.” Dunno!

••• On Sunday, you can pick the brain of Manhattan Youth’s Bob Townley at a Downtown Community Center brunch: “Bob will offer insights to parents of young children about our schools, resources in our community, and planning for Manhattan Youth programming in the coming years.” It’s free for “enrollees in Manhattan Youth’s Downtown Day Camps, our After-School Programs, and for Downtown Community Center Members.” Otherwise it’s $25 for two adults, $15 for one—seems to me that single parents should get a discount….

••• Amy Sewell, the Tribeca resident who made the film Mad Hot Ballroom, sent over the release for Blindspot, a new short documentary she made with another Tribeca resident, Catherine Fenton Bernath. The film “is about friendship, love, adventure, and discovery. It’s an intimate portrait of two young blind New Yorkers who embrace this city on a daily basis. Jamil (26) and Tamesha (24) are the focus of the film, and they met in fourth grade. Aided by Jamil’s guide dog, the two demonstrate what life is like in a city that often doesn’t ‘see’ them.” Blindspot is “a joint initiative of the Described and Captioned Media Program and the American Council of the Blind. In partnership with the International Listening Association, the focus is on listening and its impact on human activity.” You can watch it on YouTube in three versions: captioned, described, or captioned and described. Here’s the captioned and described version:


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  1. Thank you Amy & Catherine for allowing us to see Jamil & Tamesha & keeping us aware!