Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments.

Sorry, Elle! Smithers is right: It’s at Franklin. (I’ve probably walked by this thousands of times, and I only noticed it for the first time yesterday.) Before I post the pulled-back photo: Yes, Smithers! You’ve been awardded a role* in Ed Burns’s new film! See, you’re already on IMDB!

* Not really. And FYI I’m obsessed with the browser plug-in that lets you modify text on a webpage. You must never trust a screengrab again.



  1. Greenwich Street in front of the Food Emporium.

  2. Let’s put the boycott behind us….
    Greenwich at Franklin in front of Tribeca Deli = WINNING!!!
    Did I win a cameo in Ed Burnsie’s new film?

  3. Oh, Elle, there are no trees at the Food Emporium cut out, thus no tree shadows. Don’t get discouraged, there’s always next week. WINNING.
    Hope Burnsie changes the movie title to “WTFa in Tribeca.” And for all my beer drinking scenes – I require light beer, as the winter hasn’t been kind to the waistline.