In the News: Smoking Lawsuit

••• Compose gets a rave in the New York Times (but why didn’t it get the main review? Seems strange for a restaurant with a quirky concept and a ton of ambition): “Chic, playful and elegant, Compose is the kind of quirky, yet glossy place you would expect to find in Amsterdam or Barcelona, with the inventive food to match.”

By Bryan Derballa (courtesy Wall Street Journal)

••• A Wall Street Journal article about smoking (or not) in residential buildings mentions a lawsuit at 200 Chambers: “A couple who live at 200 Chambers St. are suing a neighbor for up to $25,000, plus fees and damages, saying their neighbor’s smoke enters their apartment. Christian and Britt Ewen allege that the smoke caused health problems for them and their 3-year-old daughter, according to the complaint. Ms. Ewen says they have to open the windows to dilute the smoke, which was a problem in the winter. ‘We had to decide between getting sick from the cold or from the cigarette smoke,’ Ms. Ewen says. A civil court denied the neighbor’s motion to dismiss the case. He is appealing that decision.”

••• 25 Broad, developed to be condos, is going rental. (Crain’s, via Curbed)

••• “The innovative, $4.5 million [Imagination Playground] was initially open 10 hours a day when it launched last summer, but the city quickly cut back the hours as the weather got colder. It is now open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. […] Rather than pay a full-time staff in the winter when few children would use the park, the city decided to cut back the hours and close the playground entirely on some days when the temperature dropped below freezing, because it was too cold for the staff to work.” (DNAinfo)

••• “Eastern Consolidated has been retained to sell a rare development site located at 401 and 403 Greenwich Street [bet. Hubert and Beach], which consists of two buildings that can be purchased together or separately. Due to the October 2010 Tribeca zoning change, these two buildings are now as of right residential development sites with approval in place for joint development, including a luxury condo. The asking price is $17.250 million.” (New York Observer)


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