Seen & Heard: Don Hill’s

••• I got a call from Don Hill’s—I guess they don’t check their voicemail that often—saying that the rumor that its lease isn’t being renewed is “definitely false.”

••• Koko, at 120 Greenwich, is now open, reports reader Hudson River: “They were serving last night. The takeout menu has Chinese, Japanese including sushi, Thai, and Vietnamese, and that traditional Asian favorite, calamari fritti.” No liquor license yet.

••• From Soho Rep: “Very limited $15 tix to see ‘Born Bad.’ First three previews only (3/31-4/2). Offer only available to FB fans and won’t happen again. Enter code FB15 at”

••• Amy Sewell of the CB1 Affordable Housing Task Force would like you to take this quick and painless survey: “This survey will help us gather the information we need to advocate effectively for more affordable housing in our district. You do not need to answer all of the questions and can omit any that might make you uncomfortable in any way. Any personal information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will be for internal Community Board One use only.”

••• I’ve been holding off on a New Kid on the Block post about Kanlo, the teahouse/shop at Harrison and Staple, because its furniture had yet to arrive. Today, I went to write it anyway—the shop opened in December!—and when I heard about what was still in store by the end of April, I decided to wait. But teat tea! I meant tea! lovers, in particular, should definitely stop by before then.



  1. Clearly, when you wrote the last item here you had the photograph from the New York Academy of Art item of 3/17 on your mind.

  2. You made me LOL in a public place! That’s a glorious example of why it’s a bad idea to rely too heavily on one’s browser’s spellcheck.